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Draft Program

Last update: 25 June 2012, 09.00h

Several of the presentations are avaiable now, go to the sessions and click on the presentation title. Not all presentations are available yet, so check the website regularly for updates.

Read the press release of the Smart AgriMatics conference.

The Final Programme of the conference is available now.

The programme of Smart AgriMatics will contain several sessions organised around a specific topic. 

Topics (click for more details on sessions):

Plenary opening session

1. Smart Farming

2. Smart Crop Protection

3. Smart Horticulture

4. Smart Food Awareness

5. Information and Data Exchange in agri-food

6. Towards an European strategy for ICT in agri-food

Plenary closing session


Plenary opening session

Chair:  Sjaak Wolfert (LEI, part of  Wageningen UR, scientific project coordinator of agriXchange and SmartAgriFood)

In this opening session relevant backgrounds from the three organizing projects agriXchange, ICT-agri ERANET and SmartAgriFood were presented by leading key note speakers.

The session has ended with a general introduction into the conference and its workshops by the chairman Sjaak Wolfert

Smart Farming

Farm Management Information systems in the cloud

This  session is focused on future internet concepts for farm management information systems. It is mainly organized by the Smart Farming Group within the SmartAgriFood project and the AgroSense platform developed by Ordina in The Netherlands. But there will also be room for input from other organisations. The session is currenly still under development and an update wiht a more detailed program will follow soon. Preliminary session blocks are:

1.1  Concept of Farm Management service-based Future Internet architecture and functionalities


1.2 Future Internet service-based architecture according to EU FI-WARE.

Chair: Timon Veenstra (Ordina)
  • In three 2 hours hands-on sessions software developers from several companies will attempt to connect their software. Every software developer related to agriculture is invited to accept this challenge to create a working proof of concept which will be demonstrated in the closing session. (Laptop and hands-on programming experience required)

1.4 Synthesis of Future Internet architectures for Farm Management

  • Discussions, hands-on, and proposal of target Future Internet service based architectures for Farm Management
  • Presentation of demo worked out in the hands-on working sessions (1.3).

Smart Crop Protection

2.1 Public-Private Partnerships Action (PPP Action)- Introduction

More details on the PPP Action here.
Chair: Jean-Pierre Chanet (Irstea), Koen Mertens (ILVO) and Iver Thysen (Danish Agency of Science, Technology and Innovation)
Small group discussion and work on the design, production and market of a ‘e-services package’, on main locks / issues, on potential partnerships.  
Chair: Michel Berducat (Irstea), Vincent De Rudnicki (Irstea)
Small group discussion and work on the design, production and market of a ‘Smart Adjustment tools on sprayer machine and combined robotic platform’, on main locks / issues, on potential partnerships.
2.4 PPP Action - Synthesis of the Public Private Partnerships Action

General synthesis of the PPP action of ICT AGRI and of the session 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 of the conference. The three solutions using ICT and automatics will be reviewed, with focuses on aspects / issues highlighted during the working sessions (2.2 & 2.3).



Smart Horticulture
3.1 Smart Agri-Food Logistics - SmartAgriFood
3.2 Smart Horticulture - Greenport Digital Community
3.2A. Information Exchange in Horticultural Supply Chains
Chair: Johan den Engelse (Frug I Com, The Netherlands)
3.2B. Precision Horticulture
Chair: Henk Zwinkels (EDIbulb/Florecom, The Netherlands)
See for more information about the organiser: Leaflet Tuinbouw Digitaal Greenport Digital Community

Smart Food Awareness

4.1 Smart Food Awareness - SmartAgriFood

chair: David Quesada (Atos, Spain)

This session is mainly organized by the Smart Food Awareness group within the SmartAgriFood project presenting and discussing tow pilots: Tailored Shopping Experience and Tracking and Tracing Awareness for Meat.


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Information and Data Exchange in agri-food
chair: Henri Holster (Livestock Research, Wageningen UR, The Netherlands)
5.2 Semantic Web and Ontologies in agri-food - agriXchange, SmartAgriFood, FAO, iGreen
Chair: Daniel Martini (Association for Technology and Structures in Agriculture, KTBL, Germany) and Christopher Brewster (Aston University, UK)
Presentations and working demos. Papers accepted for presentation:

Presentations SWAF2012:

VoCamp and hackathon session

Programme Committee: Yves Jaques (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, FAO), Gunnar Grimnes (German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence, DFKI), Paolo Castagna (Talis), Victoria Uren (Aston University), Caterina Caraciolo (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, FAO), Ed Dowding (Sustaination), Nikos Manouselis (Agro-Know Technologies)

Chair: Erik Rehben and Benedicte Fusai (Institut de ' l'Elevage, France), Henri Holster (Wageningen UR)
5.4 Land Parcel Information Systems - UNIFARM, agriXchange
Chair: Tamme van der Wal (project coordinator UNIFARM project)
  • “The CAP reform and its impact on LPIS” – Tamme van der Wal (AeroVision)
  • “Overview of current LPIS update practices” - Marcel Meijer (Alterra)
  • “e-Government tools and technologies”
  • Discussion & selection of issues for open space
  • OPEN SPACE SESSION: Discussions based on ‘open space workshop technology’ on 4 or 5 identified topics
Chair: Tim Verwaart, LEI Wageningen UR, The Netherlands
5.6 Agri-Food apps - SmartAgriFood, agriXchange, Aerovision
Chair: Jerzy Weres (Poznan University of Life Sciences) and Tamme van der Wal (AeroVision B.V.)

We are glad to announce that the following papers were accepted for presentation during the Pecha Kucha Session Agri-Food apps at Smart AgriMatics:


Towards an European strategy for ICT in agri-food
6.1 Agri-Food CIO Roundtable - agriXchange, SmartAgriFood, ICT-agri
Chair: Krijn Poppe (Wageningen UR, The Netherlands)
Closed session
Theme: "Future platforms for agro-ICT where to go?"
Chair: Karel Charvat (Wireless Info, Czech Republic)
Chair: Frans van Diepen, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, The Netherlands

Read more about the session of Towards globally harmonized data exchange in agri-food business

Plenary Closing Session

Chair: Krijn Poppe (Wageningen UR, The Netherlands)

In this session we want to provide an outlook on future plans and developments on the conference theme 'The future use of ICT and robotics in agriculture and food business' . This will be based on the outcomes from the various workshops added with views from external keynote speakers. Currently this session is still under development and more information will follow soon.

The session will end with a general wrap-up of the conference by the chairman Krijn Poppe



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