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Content and Topics

The conference will start with a plenary opening session to introduce the workshops. Several key note speakers will introduce some relevant and interesting topics on ICT and robotics in agri-food business. A plenary closing session will conclude the conference and set the agenda for the future. For that purpose we will invite key persons from leading industries in agri-food/ICT business and policy makers.

The workshops include the following topics:

  1. Smart Farming and Precision Agriculture
  2. Farm Management in the ‘cloud’
  3. Smart Crop Protection
  4. Robotic and automation solutions
  5. Future Internet service infrastructure
  6. Smart Agri-Logistics in Horticulture
  7. Value Chain Analysis
  8. Supply Chain Event Management
  9. Smart Food Awareness and Transparency
  10. Standardisation and Interoperability
  11. Information and data exchange in agri-food
  12. Semantic Web and Ontologies in agri-food
  13. Animal Registration and Identification
  14. European strategy for ICT in agri-food

From the perspective of these topics, the whole agri-food supply chain will be covered and different sectors will be dealt with: meat, dairy products, crops, fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc. The challenge is to identify commonalities and shared objectives between these sectors and different parts of the supply chain. Particular attention will be paid to the development of Public-Private Partnerships.



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