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Smart AgriMatics: Future Internet for food production


Smart AgriMatics is a biennial conference where industry, developers and researchers in the agri-food domain come together around the theme of ICT and robotics in agriculture. 150 participants came to Paris on the 18th and 19th of June to join several sessions on topics such as precision agriculture, e-business, supply chain management, and apps for farmers and consumers.

A number of large multinational companies from America and Europe indicated in their keynote speeches that machine and tractor manufacturers, but also the pesticide producers, need more standardization and a network of smaller, innovative ICT companies around them.

Nowadays farmers receive data from various sources in and around the company, also dealing  with a variety of parties in their daily operations. This requires further improvement of the connections, necessary for efficient operations. Amongst others, machine manufacturers can play a significant role, since their machines are already harvesting a lot of data. These data can be converted into useful advice for farmers or supply chain participants.

Data streams from various sources can be combined into new, knowledge-based services that allows more sustainable and increased food production. Even large multinationals cannot do this independently; often knowledge of local regulations or practices are needed from agricultural organizations to make these new services applicable for local business owners. There is a need for platforms on which data can be exchanged as easily as e-mails are sent or photos posted on social media.

That links up with the FIspace project that uses Future Internet technologies to build such a platform. From the FIspace project, various innovative applications were demonstrated during Smart AgriMatics. There were many innovative ICT companies, not only from the EU but also from the U.S., Colombia and Ukraine, that presented their latest applications and ideas.

Smart AgriMatics contributes to the industry need of the establishment of an ecosystem where research, innovative ICT companies and large multinational companies can roll out new developments rapidly on a global scale. Collaborative work needs to be done on this standardization and data exchange platform, at least among European countries and North America, if not global.

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