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Foundations for Integration: Linked (Open) Data in Agri-Food

Despite significant developments and increased usage of ICT, there is much inefficiency today in the value chain management (or supply chain management) of almost every sector of the economy. Many companies are using incompatible eBusiness processes, ICT systems and infrastructures and data exchange models. The validity and acceptance of data models underpinning business transactions (e-Catalogues, e-Ordering, e-Invoicing, etc.) still follows national rules, making cross-border transactions difficult. Moreover, security, authenticity and integrity considerations lead to an operational risk and thus to a lack of trust. This results in a fragmented technological outlook, with a multiplicity of incompatible business standards, data models and ICT solutions and with very low interoperability levels, especially across borders.

The session Foundations for Integration: Linked (Open) Data in Agri-Food is going to address these issues at Smart AgriMatics. The session contains three parts, each addressing the issue from another angle:

A. Interoperability and standardization 

B. Open Data and Linked Data 

C. Workshop: Technologies on the move - from processes to data

Check out the programme page for the detailed list of presentations in this session.

Of course it is still possible to register for the conference and attend this session, so if you are not registered yet, don't hesitate to do so and join the interesting group of participants! Go to the registration page to register now.

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