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Pecha Kucha Session: Call for Agri-Food apps


At present, software development is increasingly focused on development of small applications that are distributed via stores on smartphones, tablets etc. Apps. Also in agri-food business Apps are increasingly being introduced. Continuing the success of the Pecha Kucha session in Smart AgriMatics 2012, we would like to have another session in which innovative Apps for agri-food business can be presented.

Therefore we challenge you to present your agri-food app  in a brief and evocative way in the Pecha Kucha AgriFood App session at Smart Agrimatics.



The Pecha Kucha Session Agri-Food apps will focus on advanced and innovative smartphone applications developed for the Agri-Food sector. An overview of current availability and functions of more and more popular applications will be provided, and selected sample apps will be presented. The most important issues in designing and using smartphone software will be discussed, including trends, features and new business models.


Interested? Go to the Programme page where you can find more information and instructions how to apply.



There is room for a limited number of apps so don't hesitate to react and promote your app!


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