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The FIspace project will leverage and extend the domain-solutions and stakeholder communities for international transport and logistics and agri-food developed during the Phase I use case projects FInest and SmartAgriFood. This extension of capabilities will allow for cross domain usage of the FIspace service to address multi-domain business challenges. Such cross domain usage will demonstrate to other FI PPP use case projects the value of the FIspace collaboration model and, hopefully, encourage them to utilize its services in their projects. FIspace will also actively seek out applications and enablers from other Phase II projects to encourage their development and deployment in the FIspace ecosystem. The enabling technologies will be taken from the FInest and SmartAgriFood Phase I projects, as well as the work done in the FI-WARE core platform project, and integrated into the FIspace service itself as generic services, or developed as domain applications implementable from the FIspace application store.


The ICT-AGRI project is funded by the European Commission's ERA-NET scheme under the 7th Framework Programme for Research. The objective of an ERA-NET scheme is to develop and strengthen the European Research Area by facilitating practical initiatives to coordinate regional, national and European research programmes in specific fields.

One of the objectives of ICT AGRI ERA-NET, among others, is to encourage and stimulate trans-national and interdisciplinary research and innovation activities concerning ICT and robotics in agriculture, in particular by Private Public Partnership Actions.


The eFoodChain project is an initiative launched by DG Enterprise and Industry of the EC, under the CIP programme. It aims to  improve the competitiveness and efficiency of the European food industry, by supporting the creation of an innovative, seamless eBusiness environment that will stimulate the uptake of ICT and eBusiness technologies, notably by SMEs so numerously represented in the European food supply chain.  The Reference Framework developed by this project facilitates information exchange and integration of eBusiness processes and systems along the chain, more specifically within the cereals, fruit and vegetables and dairy products sectors.



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